About Kayo and Company

Kayo is a SF based fashion designer from Japan. 

Designs are distributed mainly in USA and Japan, some in Canada, Australia.
Focusing on making fun, comfortable unique clothing for men and women. My customers are peformancer, fire dancers, singers, Belly dancers, or someone who just appreciate hand-made, small production unique designs.

I design, pick fabric, make pattern and fist sample then bring to factory or workers.
I do production in San Francisco, my base town, but also in Indonesia, Bali, where my heart lives. I love the culture and people there. I have few beloved workers helps me cutting and sewing. 

Anime clothing - makes you think of Anime costume like clothing, but it actually stand for clothing that makes you feel differently. My intension is to make people feel something else by wearing my design. More beautiful, confidence , sexy and intelligent...whatever it comes to you:)

My goal is to have more and more people to wear my clothing, looking and feeling happy and beautiful. Bring good vibes to not only the dance floor but to the world!